Earth Science in Action

We don’t just study climate. We act on it.

NASA collects data to show how our climate is changing from both natural causes and human activities, from documenting impacts on ice sheets, sea level, and Arctic sea ice to monitoring vegetation health and freshwater movement. We are putting decades of research, technology, and innovation to work to improve people's lives on our home planet.

This image was taken by Left Navigation Camera onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 4192 (2024-05-22 06:36:49 UTC).

Sols 4193-4194: Stay Overnight? No, Touch-and-Go!

4 min read

Earth planning date: Wednesday, May 22, 2024 One of the biggest challenges that comes with operating a rover on another planet is that we don’t always know exactly what we’re going to have in front of us when we park…

The Marshall Star for May 22, 2024

14 min read

Making Connections: Marshall Hosts Annual Jamboree, Poster Expo By Celine Smith Engineers, researchers, and scientists at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center had the opportunity to showcase their vast range of projects and learn about others at Marshall’s annual Science, Technology,…

NASA’s Compact Infrared Cameras Enable New Science

5 min read

A new, higher-resolution infrared camera outfitted with a variety of lightweight filters could probe sunlight reflected off Earth’s upper atmosphere and surface, improve forest fire warnings, and reveal the molecular composition of other planets. The cameras use sensitive, high-resolution strained-layer…

Hurricane Idalia as photographed by NASA's Terra satellite in August 2023. The swirling mass of the hurricane passes over some land masses and the ocean.

NASA, IBM Research to Release New AI Model for Weather, Climate

4 min read

By Jessica Barnett Working together, NASA and IBM Research have developed a new artificial intelligence model to support a variety of weather and climate applications. The new model – known as the Privthi-weather-climate foundational model – uses artificial intelligence (AI)…

NASA’s Psyche Fires Up Its Sci-Fi-Worthy Thrusters

4 min read

The spacecraft already is beyond the distance of Mars and is using ion propulsion to accelerate toward a metal-rich asteroid, where it will orbit and collect science data. NASA’s Psyche spacecraft passed its six-month checkup with a clean bill of…

Perseverance’s afternoon view looking towards the northwest. The rocky terrain in the foreground is part of the margin unit that is currently being investigated by the team. Beyond lies Nereteva Vallis, an ancient river channel that the team hopes to explore in the coming weeks.

Sols 1151-1152: Rocky Roads in the Margin Unit

2 min read

Earth planning date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024 Recently, our intrepid rover has been channeling its namesake while navigating through difficult terrain as we march on through the margin unit. Despite the shorter drives, the team continues to make good progress…

This image was taken by Left Navigation Camera onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 4190 (2024-05-20 07:37:47 UTC).

Sols 4191-4192: Communication

2 min read

Earth planning date: Monday, May 20, 2024 A number of national holidays are taking place around the world this week and next, unofficially marking the start of summer for residents of the northern hemisphere. Holidays and extended weekends are seen…

2024 Dream with Us Design Challenge Winners

3 min read

Congratulations! Our 2024 Dream with Us challenge has concluded, and we are pleased to share the winning projects: Middle School 1st Place: The Unstoppable Changemakers Team (Anika J. and Aidan R.) Fire Drones is a system of drones that battle…

Go Back to the Future with NASA at Comicpalooza 2024

7 min read

Celebrate your pop-culture fandom and uncover the latest science, technology, and discoveries of human spaceflight and exploration with NASA’s Johnson Space Center at Comicpalooza 2024 from May 24 to 26 at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Engage with…

Kan Yang: Translating Science Ideas into Engineering Concepts

10 min read

As team lead of the Instrument Design Laboratory, Kan Yang turns science concepts into engineering reality. Name: Kan YangTitle: Team Lead of the Instrument Design LaboratoryFormal Job Classification: Technical ManagerOrganization: Instrument Systems and Technology Division, Engineering and Technology Directorate (Code…

NASA Glenn Joins COSI’s Big Science Celebration

1 min read

NASA’s Glenn Research Center joined Center for Science and Industry, or COSI’s, Big Science Celebration event on the museum’s front lawn in Columbus, Ohio, on May 4. This event was centered around STEM careers and building a diverse STEM workforce…

NASA Glenn Research Highlighted in Tape Exhibit

1 min read

Beginning May 24, Great Lakes Science Center, home of the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, will welcome guests aboard TapeScape: International Tape Station.   The unique exhibit focuses on the dynamic intersection of materials science and the groundbreaking research at NASA’s Glenn Research…

Glenn Digital Specialists Earn NASA Awards

2 min read

Four of NASA Glenn Research Center’s digital specialists were selected as 2023 NASA Photographers and Videographers of the Year. The winning photos and videos showcased NASA’s people, places, and projects, as captured by NASA’s talented photographers and videographers. There were…

Team NEO Views NASA Glenn Properties for Lease 

1 min read

Representatives from Team NEO toured several facilities at NASA’s Glenn Research Center on April 24. Team NEO is the designated Northeast Ohio JobsOhio Network Partner that works to expand business, establish partnerships, and create jobs. The visitors toured facilities at…

NASA Glenn Kicks Off Ohio Space Forum

1 min read

NASA’s Glenn Research Center kicked off the Ohio Space Forum with a tour of several research facilities at its Cleveland location on April 29. The annual two-day forum brings together federal, military, industry, and academic leaders in space research, operations,…

Discovery Alert: Mini-Neptune in Double Star System is a Planetary Puzzle

4 min read

The Discovery A planet that could resemble a smaller version of our own Neptune orbits one of two Sun-like stars that also orbit each other. The planet dwells in the “habitable zone,” with a potentially moderate temperature, and poses a…

NASA Tool Gets Ready to Image Faraway Planets

7 min read

A technology demo on the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will help increase the variety of distant planets scientists can directly image. The Roman Coronagraph Instrument on NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will help pave the way in the…

System-Wide Safety Collaborations

3 min read

NASA’s System-Wide Safety (SWS) project identifies and addresses safety threats to improve the efficiency of flight and access to airspace. This map shows the locations of companies, academic institutions, and other government agencies that collaborate with SWS to conduct world-class…

NASA Employs Innovative Approach for Key Test Infrastructure Upgrade

3 min read

Editor’s Note: This article includes updated information from a previous version. Crews are using an innovative engineering approach to upgrade an essential test complex water system that will help ensure the future of large propulsion testing at NASA’s Stennis Space…

Welcome Back to Planet Earth, Expedition 70 Crew! 

3 min read

On May 16, 2024, a crowd of more than 500 people gathered at Space Center Houston’s IMAX theater for the Expedition 70 crew debrief and awards ceremony. Crew members from NASA’s SpaceX Crew-7 and Soyuz MS-24 missions shared reflections from their voyage aboard…