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How NASA Spotted El Niño Changing the Saltiness of Coastal Waters

6 min read

New findings have revealed a coastal realm highly sensitive to changes in runoff and rainfall on land. After helping stoke record heat in 2023 and drenching major swaths of the United States this winter, the current El Niño is losing…

Article2 weeks ago

Veronica T. Pinnick Put NASA’s PACE Mission through Its Paces

10 min read

To achieve the impossible, Veronica T. Pinnick, who put NASA’s PACE mission through its prelaunch paces, says you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Name: Dr. Veronica T. Pinnick Title: Plankton Aerosol, Cloud and ocean Ecosystem (PACE) Integration and…

Article2 weeks ago

Antarctic Sea Ice Near Historic Lows; Arctic Ice Continues Decline

6 min read

Sea ice at both the top and bottom of the planet continued its decline in 2024. In the waters around Antarctica, ice coverage shrank to near-historic lows for the third year in a row. The recurring loss hints at a…

Article3 weeks ago

NASA Analysis Sees Spike in 2023 Global Sea Level Due to El Niño

5 min read

A long-term sea level dataset shows ocean surface heights continuing to rise at faster and faster rates over decades of observations. Global average sea level rose by about 0.3 inches (0.76 centimeters) from 2022 to 2023, a relatively large jump…

Article4 weeks ago

Meet NASA’s Twin Spacecraft Headed to the Ends of the Earth

6 min read

Launching in spring 2024, the two small satellites of the agency’s PREFIRE mission will fill in missing data from Earth’s polar regions. Two new miniature NASA satellites will start crisscrossing Earth’s atmosphere in a few months, detecting heat lost to…

Article2 months ago

NASA Study: More Greenland Ice Lost Than Previously Estimated

6 min read

A new, comprehensive analysis of satellite data finds that majority of glaciers on the landmass have retreated significantly. The Greenland Ice Sheet has shed about one-fifth more ice mass in the past four decades than previously estimated, researchers at NASA’s…

Article3 months ago

Michael Thorpe Studies Sediment from Source to Sink

8 min read

Sedimentary and planetary geologist Michael Thorpe finds the stories rocks have to tell, those on Earth and those from Mars.

Article3 months ago

This US-Indian Satellite Will Monitor Earth’s Changing Frozen Regions

7 min read

NISAR will study changes to ice sheets, glaciers, and sea ice in fine detail, as climate change warms the air and ocean. NISAR, the soon-to-launch radar satellite from NASA and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), will measure some key…

Article3 months ago

As the Arctic Warms, Its Waters Are Emitting Carbon

5 min read

Runoff from one of North America’s largest rivers is driving intense carbon dioxide emissions in the Arctic Ocean. When it comes to influencing climate change, the world’s smallest ocean punches above its weight. It’s been estimated that the cold waters…

Article4 months ago
This illustration shows the international Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite in orbit over Earth. SWOT’s main instrument, KaRIn, helps survey the water on more than 90% of Earth's surface.

NASA to Showcase Earth Science Data at COP28

3 min read

NASA will share knowledge and data at the 28th U.N. Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28), held at the Expo City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from Thursday, Nov. 30 to Tuesday, Dec. 12.

Article5 months ago