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The pass now has a flow five times that of New York’s Hudson River.
As water dropped to critically low levels, electricity production suffered and power outages plagued Zimbabwe and Zambia.
The water delivered by winter storms in 2022-2023 is likely insufficient to reverse the longer-term depletion of California’s groundwater.
After several weeks of heavy rainfall in northern Queensland, the water has worked its way south.
Researchers used satellite imagery to reveal where and when the discolored patches of water appeared between 2003 and 2020 and found a puzzling temporary increase in events in some areas.
Swirls of discolored water are signs of activity from the underwater volcano.
The international Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission will measure the height of freshwater bodies and the ocean on more than 90 percent of Earth’s surface.
Scientists using underwater instruments and a NASA satellite have found evidence of potentially significant phytoplankton blooms beneath the sea ice encircling Antarctica.
NASA scientists project spring Arctic cyclones will intensify by the end of this century because of sea ice loss and rapidly warming air and water surface temperatures.
In October 2022, a substantial amount of water returned to this ephemeral lake in South Australia.
Waves of heavy rainfall left towns and farmland under water in October 2022.
Bacteria and salt lend distinct tones to the shallow lakelets on the steppe.
Dropping water levels have exposed new areas of dry land around the lake’s shallow northern side.
According to satellite observations, Arctic sea ice reached its annual minimum extent on Sept. 18, 2022.