Earth 360

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Explore our home planet with NASA

Join NASA Earth scientists for a 360-degree view of our planet as they head into the field to study ice in Greenland and coral reefs in Hawaii. You can stand with scientists on Arctic ice, fly above the ice sheet, glaciers and sea ice as part of Operation IceBridge, then head to Hawaii as scientists with NASA’s CORAL mission dive into Kaneohe Bay.

NASA uses the vantage point of space to study Earth, and our scientists often head into the field to take a closer look.

Cliffs of ice

“Life as an Earth scientist means understanding the planet we live on and, especially in the context of climate change, understanding where that planet is headed,” said Joe MacGregor, Operation IceBridge project scientist. Michelle Gierach, CORAL project scientist, agrees. “Clearly, the ocean, the atmosphere, the land, the cryosphere, we’re all connected as an Earth system; we’re all impacting one another,” she said. “We really need to have a better understanding of that inner working.”

More Earth 360 scenes

Explore Kaneohe Bay with NASA’s CORAL Scientists. During field campaigns, scientists take in-water (in situ) measurements to validate the data from airborne instruments. iPhone and iPad users, please click here to view video on YouTube.