Kathryn Sullivan and Charles Bolden Monitor SE 82-16 Ion Arc

STS-31 Mission Specialist (MS) Kathryn D. Sullivan monitors and advises ground controllers of the activity inside the Student Experiment (SE) 82-16, Ion arc - studies of the effects of microgravity and a magnetic field on an electric arc, mounted in front of the middeck lockers aboard Discovery, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 103. Pilot Charles F. Bolden uses a video camera and an ARRIFLEX motion picture camera to record the activity inside the special chamber. A sign in front of the experiment reads "SSIP 82-16 Greg's Experiment Happy Graduation from STS-31." SSIP stands for Shuttle Student Involvement Program. Gregory S. Peterson who developed the experiment (Greg's Experiment) is a student at Utah State University and monitored the experiment's operation from JSC's Mission Control Center (MCC) during the flight. Decals displayed in the background on the orbiter galley represent the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), the United States (U.S.) Naval Reserve, Navy Oceanographers, U.S. Navy, and University of Kansas.

Credits: NASA