Catalog: Learning and Educational Activities and Resources from NASA Science

This catalog of learning resources draws from NASA science content. You can search this collection using key words and/or the drop down filters to pinpoint resources to use with your audience of learners.


Light & Color: Exploring Visible Light Activity Guide

This activity introduces learners to the visible-light spectrum and color mixing. Your event’s attendees may explore visible light by observing it with diffraction grating glasses to see how it can be broken up into its component colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet).

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Max Goes to the Moon

Award winning astronomer-author Jeff Bennett's book, “Max Goes to the Moon” read out loud. The dog Max and his middle school owner, Tori, train to go into space. Nice cartoon drawings, brought to life. Each part of the story has a box of hints for parents (or teachers) designed to help them answer questions that kids may have while hearing the story.

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Kingdom in Peril: Episode 1

Explore the arrangement of the Sun, Earth, Moon system, and inclination of the Moon’s orbit necessary to generate solar and lunar eclipses. Determine the likelihood of observing these phenomena. Share your eclipse knowledge with your kingdom, preventing a revolt and saving it from attack.

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Clouds in Weather Patterns

Learn about factors, such as wind, moisture, temperature, and air pressure, at a regional level that help produce the weather that people experience locally. This video provides students with the opportunity to visualize a phenomenon that is too big and too remote to experience in a classroom. Students learn about weather patterns over time and space, which can be used to predict upcoming weather.

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NASA eClips at Home: Water Cycle

Explore water as it moves through Earth’s spheres in the water cycle. Learn about the processes involved in the water cycle, types of clouds and special properties of water. Learn how to create a cloud cover estimator in this engineering design challenge and how to make an “automatic” plant watering system using cohesion and adhesion. Test your scientific skills as you create a model of the water cycle and investigate evaporation.

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Apollo Capsule – hands-on cut and tape

Make a paper replica of the Apollo Capsule (“Command Module”) that flies as a free flying drogue or attached to a kite as a tail

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