A Guide to Smartphone Astrophotography

The cover of the book with the title of the book, “A Guide to Smartphone Astrophotography” in white tex on a black background. Above the title is a header: on the left, “National Astronautics and Space Administration” in small, white font; on the right the NASA logo, a blue circle with the all caps text, “NASA” in the middle of the circle.”Nine images below the title, from left to right: Green aurora in the night skyA waning gibbous moon on a black backgroundLong exposure image of stars in the night skyDeep space image showing stars, dust, and gas in dark blues, purples, and pinks.A total solar eclipse; the Sun is behind the blacked out Moon, with the Sun’s corona visible from behind the Moon. A starry night sky with the Milky Way glowing in a lighter gray arch across the imageNight sky at sunset, with dark trees in the foregroundThe Sun, showing two sunspots.A picture of the Sun with a halo around it. Dark trees in the foreground
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Educator guide on how to take amazing photos of the night sky with your smart device. Whether you have an Android or an Apple, this guide will give tips and tricks for low-light photography with smart device cameras.