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James Webb Space Telescope

1 min read

An illustration of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.

2024 Total Eclipse Poster – Dongjae “Krystofer” Kim

2 min read

This poster represents an astronauts view of a solar eclipse.

2024 Total Eclipse Poster – Genna Duberstein

2 min read

This total solar eclipse poster features a dog and is available as a coloring sheet.

Total Solar Eclipse Coloring Sheet

2 min read

This total solar eclipse coloring sheet features a dog wearing eclipse glasses.

Total Solar Eclipse Training

2 min read

NASA has created a total eclipse training to help you share your excitement about the total solar eclipse on April…

DIY: The Moon’s Orbit

3 min read

The Moon’s apparent diameter, as seen from Earth, changes significantly over a “moonth”. Because of the Moon’s elliptical orbit, it…

Wallpaper: Blast Off!

Are you always ready for an adventure? When other people say "dangerous," do you say "vacation"? Download this wallpaper for…

Traveler and Friends GIFs

This page provides social media assets used during previous celebrations of Black Hole Week. The world of Black Hole Week…

2024 Total Eclipse Poster – Tyler Nordgren

2 min read

In “The Sun and Moon Align with You” poster for NASA, Nordgren – who is a professional astronomer as well…

2024 Total Eclipse Poster – Kristen Perrin

1 min read

For her “Through the Eyes of NASA” poster, Perrin – who is an African American woman, mother of four, and…

Envisioning Venus with NASA’s DAVINCI Mission

1 min read

Imagine what we might be able to find on Venus by sending a spacecraft to explore the planet, and use…

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