Space Weather Math

The front cover of the lesson includes:A black background In the upper left hand corner is “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” in a small, light blue fontIn the upper right hand corner the NASA logo is comprised of a small filled in blue circle with ‘NASA’ written in bold white letters in the center, small stars, an elliptical orbital path in white, and a red winged chevron cross and orbit the wordThe title ‘Space Weather Math’ runs vertically up the right hand side of the page in a light blue fontSix images from left to right:An astronaut in space doing repairs to a spacecraft. The astronaut is holding a drill. The spacecraft is metallic orange. The astronaut has an American flag patch on his space suit and he is smiling.SOHO Satellite image of a Coronal Mass Ejection where light yellow loops explode out of the edges of an orange Sun, the center of the Sun is covered in a red disc to simulate an eclipse so scientists can better see the coronaA coronagraph, showing data in blue. There is a small, lighter blue circle in the center, representing the Sun. There is a darker blue circle around the Sun that represents the occulting disk. Bright white light streams from behind the occulting disk. A bigger circle surrounds the occulting disk, containing distorted images of background stars, shown with squiggly lines. A fraction of this circle is blacked out from missing data. The time stamp is in white in the lower right hand corner of the coronagraph, “2000/07/14 11:42.” SDO satellite image of a green sun, where the highest intensity and whitest color is active solar
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Educator guide containing hands-on activities, with embedded math problems, that explore the causes and effects of space weather. Activities guide learner exploration of the Sun-Earth interactions. Activities target the causes of space weather and the ways in which heliophysicist study solar storms to predict when adverse conditions may pose a hazard for satellites and human operation in space. The book includes extensive background information for educators.