Student HelioViewer: Solar Data Interactive

In the viewport is an image of the Sun in near real-time. On the upper left are choices for Date, Time Step, and a drop down menu to make an observation among 5 choices. Click buttons to display the newest image and leave events on or off.  On the lower left is a bar scale in kilometer; a slide allows user to zoom and pan. At the bottom left is a Earth scale button. On the upper right are three icons: video, picture, and a question mark for more information.
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CreditPBS Learning Media/GBH, NASA 
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A student-friendly interactive with accessible NASA data about the Sun and its features, including solar flares, magnetic fields, sunspots, and CMEs. Students can access spacecraft data, collected by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, the joint ESA/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and others. They can search for phenomena, make movies, and more.