Inclusive Community Camp for students of all abilities features NASA AREN activities

Inclusive Community Camp for students of all abilities features NASA AREN activities

NASA AREN played a key role at the Inclusive Community Camp for students of all abilities that was hosted at Montana State University in August 2-6, 2021.

The theme of the week-long camp was based on AREN activities, and the curriculum was constructed in Fall 2020 by two MSU undergraduate students who are future special education teachers. The curriculum that was created by the MSU undergraduate students is publicly available and can be used by partners who wish to examine their STEM content with an "inclusive lens." Many opportunities are available here to broaden participation to young students with disabilities.

Among many other activities, the 25 students designed mini kites and Frustrationless Flyers, piloted a TerraRover and completed art and health enhancement activities related to AREN and other NASA content.

The Inclusive Community Camp is a summer day camp that has been carefully designed both for children with additional support needs – including those with Down syndrome and autism – and for those without additional support needs. Also participating in the camp this year were 10 Bozeman-area middle school students who spend part of the week working with MSU education students to develop leadership and mentoring skills and then another part of the week serving as junior camp guides to the elementary school-aged children.

"It brought me great joy to see the students of all abilities taking part in NASA AREN activities--from designing miniature kites to piloting the TerraRover. Additionally, I learned from our future special education teachers how to look at our hands-on activities with an 'inclusive lens' to make sure our content is accessible for all students. I have already been able to apply these insights to other parts of my work." - Suzi Taylor, Montana State University NASA AREN team member

Students take part in NASA-related STEM activities.