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NASA HEAT Supports June 10 Eclipse Efforts for Agency

NASA HEAT Supports June 10 Eclipse Efforts for Agency

On Thursday, June 10, 2021, people across the Northern Hemisphere were able to experience either an annular solar eclipse or a partial solar eclipse.

The NASA Heliophysics Education Activation Team (NASA HEAT) coordinated agency efforts for the June 10, 2021 eclipse through collaboration with the GSFC Heliophysics Communications Team. Abbey Interrante (NASA HEAT) wrote and built a comprehensive eclipse information page that has more than 325,000 page views to date and was the most viewed NASA webpage on June 10 — even higher than the nasa.gov homepage. Shannon Reed (NASA HEAT) and Carolyn Ng (NASA HEAT) also supported the development of this page and an embedded educational fact sheet, and connected NASA TV with an astronomy club that provided one of NASA’s two live feeds of the eclipse. The live stream on the NASA Video YouTube received more than 650,000 views during and post-eclipse. Dr. C. Alex Young (NASA HEAT) fact checked and reviewed all content and provided a radio interview.

Ernie Wright (SVS) produced data visualizations of the eclipse that were used in nearly every product and social media post. Courtney O' Connor (SciAct Social Media) shared the information with NASA social accounts, including @DoNASAScience and @NASASTEM, and featured the eclipse webpage on science.nasa.gov. The NASA en Español team translated the webpage and fact sheet into Spanish to help broaden the reach of the information.

A partial solar eclipse is seen as the Sun rises behind the United States Capitol Building, Thursday, June 10, 2021, as seen from Arlington, Virginia. The sky is a dark red and some strands of clouds cross in front of the partial Sun.