Science Activation

Reach Map

The Science Activation program reaches learners in all 50 states. This map shows the locations across the US where learner interactions occurred in 2020. Through a network of networks, SciAct connects with at least 12% of all US zip codes*. Each symbol represents a project.  Explore our full interactive Reach Map for details.

Map of United States with color coded pins representing Science Activation program reach across the country.

*Zip code data not available for all programs 


We Reach Over 100 Countries Globally

The programs and resources of SciAct reached 112 countries globally in 2020. 

Color coded map of the world representing the reach of SciAct programs


Our Interactions Increased Substantially in 2020

In 2020 alone, Science Activation interacted with 22 million learners in the US (23 million globally)*. This represents a 57% percent increase in US interactions, and a 53% increase in learner interactions globally, from the previous year (2019).




Learning interactions (global)



Learning interactions (US)



Countries reached



*Learner interactions do not necessarily  represent unique learners.