Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) Deliveries


Artist’s infographic of planned flights through CLPS and their approximate landing locations on the Moon; includes name and image likeness of commercial CLPS landers. Credit: Jenny Mottar

Below is a list of CLPS deliveries and lunar surface destinations that are planned for the near-term and represent the deliveries for which there are selected instruments/payloads. Those that are already on contract with CLPS vendors identify the commercial vendor company and its lander. Click on each delivery for more information about the payloads and expected scientific return. 

Each delivery is referred to by its Task Order (TO) name, for example TO2-AB, CP-11. To learn more about CLPS nomenclature, scroll down to the “naming convention” note below.

Our glossary is meant to assist with understanding the scientific terms that describe CLPS payloads.


TO2-AB – Astrobotic Technology, Peregrine Lander to Sinus Viscositatis


TO2-IM – Intuitive Machines, Nova-C Lander to Malapert A


TO19C – Masten Space Systems, XL-1 Lander to South Pole


TO19D – Firefly Aerospace, Blue Ghost Lander to Mare Crisium


TO20A (VIPER) – Astrobotic Technology, Griffin Lander to South Pole


PRIME-1 – Intuitive Machines, Nova-C Lander to South Pole


CP-11 – Intuitive Machines, Nova-C Lander to Reiner Gamma


CP-12 – Draper, SERIES-2 Lander to Schrödinger Basin


CS-3 – TBD Lander to Lunar Far Side


CP-21 – TBD Lander to Gruithuisen Domes


CP-22 – TBD Lander to South Pole


Note on CLPS Naming Convention: Initial CLPS Task Order names were named after either task order numbers (e.g. TO2-AB) or the expected year and letter the task orders were to go out (e.g. 19C released as the third activity in 2019).  The current naming scheme is focused on the delivery method, the lead organization/procurement for that delivery, the number in the series of that org/procurement and, if needed, the number from that particular procurement.  For example, CP-22 stands for CLPS, PRISM-2, 2nd selection from that PRISM-2 call.  CS-3 is the third CLPS task order from SMD.  Other potential names will be “CT-#” for CLPS deliveries led by Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) or “CX-#” for Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate (ESDMD) led deliveries.