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Marking a Milestone: Launch Services Program Celebrates 20th Anniversary

9 min read

By Linda Herridge NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center While NASA is celebrating its 60th anniversary as an Agency, NASA also is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Launch Services Program (LSP), the first agency program managed at NASA’s Kennedy…

Article6 years ago

New Gravity Map Suggests Mars Has a Porous Crust

4 min read

NASA scientists have found evidence that Mars’ crust is not as dense as previously thought, a clue that could help researchers better understand the Red Planet’s interior structure and evolution. A lower density likely means that at least part of…

Article7 years ago

NASA Missions Let Scientists See Moon’s Dancing Tide From Orbit

5 min read

Scientists combined observations from two NASA missions to check out the moon’s  lopsided shape and how it changes under Earth’s sway – a response not seen from orbit before. The team drew on studies by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which…

Article10 years ago