Juno Stories

NASA’s Juno Gives Aerial Views of Mountain, Lava Lake on Io

6 min read

Imagery from the solar-powered spacecraft provides close-ups of intriguing features on the hellish Jovian moon. Scientists on NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter have transformed data collected during two recent flybys of Io into animations that highlight two of the Jovian…

Article2 days ago

NASA’s Juno Mission Measures Oxygen Production at Europa

6 min read

The ice-covered Jovian moon generates 1,000 tons of oxygen every 24 hours – enough to keep a million humans breathing for a day. Scientists with NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter have calculated the rate of oxygen being produced at the…

Article2 months ago
An image of an orangish-brown moon showing craters and other surface detail; the right hemisphere is lit with sunlight reflected from Jupiter.

For Your Processing Pleasure: The Sharpest Pictures of Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Io in a Generation

2 min read

NASA’s Juno spacecraft just made the closest flybys of Jupiter’s moon Io that any spacecraft has carried out in more than 20 years. An instrument on this spacecraft called “JunoCam” returned spectacular, high-resolution images—and raw data are now available for you to process, enhance,…

Article2 months ago