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NASA to Launch Sequel to Successful Lightning Study Mission

4 min read

A hit Hollywood film often leads to a sequel. Sometimes those movies do well, but rarely will they eclipse the original. Undaunted by those odds, NASA is set to reboot a successful study of Earth’s lightning from space — this…

Article7 years ago

Earth’s New Lightning Capital Revealed

3 min read

Earth has a new lightning capital, according to a recent study using observations from the Lightning Imaging Sensor onboard NASA’s Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission. Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela earned the top spot, receiving an average rate of about 233 flashes…

Article8 years ago

Space Station Sensor to Capture ‘Striking’ Lightning Data

6 min read

Updated for NASA announcement regarding New Earth-Observing Role for International Space Station. Original story posted March 4, 2014. Keeping a spare on hand simply makes sense. Just as drivers keep spare tires on hand to replace a flat or blowout,…

Article10 years ago