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Titan Flyby – May 28, 2008

TA network of river channels is located atop Xanadu, the continent-sized region on Saturn's moon Titan. This radar image was captured by the Cassini Radar Mapper on April 30, 2006.
Artist's rendition of T-41 flyby.

Cassini Flies By Titan, Readies for Extended Tour

On May 28, the Cassini spacecraft successfully completed a flyby of Saturn's moon Titan, the last flyby of the original four-year tour, but Cassini's exploration of Saturn will continue for two more years. This flyby included imagery of Xanadu and inbound altimetry over the area imaged during the previous flyby.

The extended mission, named the "Saturn Equinox Mission", will start this summer, a two-year odyssey with 26 Titan flybys, 7 Enceladus encounters, and one flyby each of the icy moons Dione, Rhea and Helene.

Titan Flyby at a Glance

May 28, 2016

870 miles (1,400 km)

14,000 mph (6.3 km/sec)