Dmitry Vorobiev headshot, male, reddish brown hair, glasses, smirk, white collared shirt.

Dmitry Vorobiev

Research Scientist II


  • Ph.D. (2017) • Astrophysical Sciences and Technology • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • M.Sc. (2015) • Imaging Science • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • B. Sc. (2011) • Astrophysics • University of New Mexico

Current Position

  • Research Scientist II
  • Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, Boulder, CO
  • PI and Co-I of several technology development programs. I&TLead for the 12U FUV CubeSat SPRITE and mentor to several graduate, undergraduate, and high school students.

Technology Interests

  • MOS and IFS techniques for space telescopes
  • Efficient MEMS devices for the FUV and IR regimes
  • Low noise, low background detectors for space
  • Telescope calibration and radiometric standards
  • Calibration and optical characterization
  • Novel and compact polarimetric instrumentation
  • UV optical fibers

Goals and Aspirations

  • Being an effective and inclusive mentor to student researchers
  • Developing enabling technologies for NASA astrophysics missions of the coming decades
  • Establishing the MEMS Lab at LASP, dedicated to testing and optical characterization of various micromirror arrays in the UV/Optical/IR regimes
  • Enabling the use of COTS devices in the FUV using advanced metal+dielectric coatings
  • Expanding the scientific capabilities of CubeSat and SmallSat platforms with state-of-the-art optics and detectors