Portrait of Kevin Murphy, male, in front of a blue background wearing a black suit jacket and dark blue tie.

Kevin Murphy

Chief Science Data Officer, NASA’s Science Mission Directorate

Kevin Murphy is the Chief Science Data Officer for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD). In this role, he works across the five science divisions to advance artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data science for NASA’s scientific data. Murphy is dedicated to ensuring that NASA's data is accessible and usable by scientists worldwide.

Murphy oversees the strategic planning and implementation of data and computing systems that underpin NASA’s scientific initiatives. He collaborates with a diverse array of stakeholders, including researchers, engineers, and policymakers, to develop and maintain robust data and computing infrastructures. His efforts guarantee that NASA’s data assets are preserved for future generations and optimized for current scientific discovery and innovation.

Previously, Murphy managed the data systems programs responsible for the production and distribution of data from NASA’s fleet of Earth-observing satellites to users around the world. He initiated the Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition Program and led the Satellite Needs Assessment Working Group. During his tenure at the Goddard Space Flight Center, he developed and managed projects including near real-time science data production systems, search engines, scientific data visualization systems, and earthdata.nasa.gov.

Murphy’s leadership has been recognized with numerous awards, including the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, Robert H. Goddard Exceptional Achievement for Engineering, Charles S. Falkenberg Award, and Fed 100, among others.

He holds a master’s degree in Geography and has completed coursework for a doctorate from the University of Maryland.