Dec 20, 2017

Amendment 57: Juno PSP Final Text

ROSES-17 Amendment 57: Release of Juno Participating Scientist Program Element Final Text.

The objective of the Juno Participating Scientist Program (Juno PSP) will be to enhance the scientific return during the science phase of the Juno mission by expanding participation in the mission through new investigations that broaden and/or complement existing mission investigations. The Principal Investigator (PI) of a selected proposal, and that person alone, will be added to the Juno Science Team as a Participating Scientist and will be given all of the rights and responsibilities of Juno Co-Is, as per the Juno Rules of the Road.

The Juno Participating Scientist Program is jointly solicited by the NASA Planetary Science and Heliophysics Divisions, but will be administered primarily by the Planetary Science Division. As such, this program element is governed by information contained in Appendix C.1, Planetary Science Research Overview, except where superseded by the program element.

This amendment releases final text for the Juno Participating Scientist Program, which was previously released as daft for community comment. Step-1 Proposals are due by March 1 2018 and Step-2 Proposals are due April 26, 2018.

Questions regarding program element maybe directed to