Dec 18, 2018

Amendment 44: B.6 LWS Science Final Text Released

Amendment 44 releases final text for the program element B.6 Heliophysics Living With a Star Science.

The stated goal of LWS, that of achieving an understanding of those aspects of the Sun-Solar System that have direct impact on life and society, poses two great challenges for the LWS program. First, the program seeks to address large-scale problems that cross discipline and technique boundaries (e.g., data analysis, theory, modeling, etc.); and second, the program will identify how this new understanding has a direct impact on life and society.

The Targeted Investigations component this year consists of four Focused Science Topics:

  1. Mid-latitude and Equatorial Dynamics of the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System
  2. Origins, Acceleration and Evolution of the Solar Wind
  3. Understanding the Response of Magnetospheric Plasma Populations to Solar Wind Structures and
  4. Understanding Global-scale Solar Processes and their Implications for the Solar Interior

This amendment releases final text for program element. Step-1 proposals are due February 14, 2019 and the Step-2 proposals are due March 29, 2019.

Comments and/or questions regarding this program element may be directed to Jeff Morrill at, Janet Kozyra at, and Simon Plunkett at