Dec 18, 2018

Amendment 47: New Opportunity in A.47 Remote Sensing Theory

Amendment 47 releases a new opportunity in ROSES-2018: A.47 Remote Sensing Theory for Earth Science

The objective of the Remote Sensing Theory (RST) program element, a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary program, is to enable major steps in algorithm and future technology development that will ultimately lead to significant advances in remote sensing Earth observing. The program will support fundamental scientific, non-incremental advances in remote sensing theory and radiative transfer, including advancement of retrieval algorithms to be used for space-based remote sensing of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, biosphere, cryosphere, land surface, and/or Earth interior.

NOIs are requested by February 28, 2019 and proposals are due March 22, 2018.

Questions concerning this program element should be directed to Lucia Tsaoussi at