Mar 18, 2019

Amendment 71: C.30 Planetary Mission Concept Studies Text Correction and Due Date Delay

Amendment 71 corrected criteria and delayed due dates for program element C.30 Planetary Mission Concept Studies.

NASA has started preparations for the 2023 Planetary Science Decadal Survey and one of the tasks of the 2023 Decadal Survey Committee will be to recommend a portfolio of planetary science missions. The Decadal Survey Committee may choose to recommend a portfolio of missions containing a mix of prioritized large- and medium-size mission concepts, or even a program of competed medium- size missions. NASA and the community are interested in providing appropriate input to the 2023 Decadal Survey regarding medium/large-size mission concepts. To this end, NASA is soliciting proposals to conduct mission concept studies in planetary science. Results of the selected studies will be provided by NASA as input to the 2023 Decadal Survey.

In program element, C.30 Planetary Mission Concept Studies, the wording regarding the evaluation of Merit and Relevance in Section 3.1 Proposal Evaluation, has been corrected to remove redundancy and more clearly explain the factors for peer review. New text is in bold and deleted text is struck through. Mandatory NOIs are now due by April 1, 2019, and the due date for 15-page proposals is May 31, 2019. Also, a FAQ has been posted on the NSPIRES web page for this program element.

Questions regarding this program element may be directed to