Aug 22, 2019

Amendment 29: C.9 MDAP, Insight Data, Due Dates Delayed

This amendment permits the submission of projects involving data from the Insight Mission  

The objective of the Mars Data Analysis Program (MDAP) is to enhance the scientific return from missions to Mars conducted by NASA and other space agencies. MDAP did not specifically mention Insight on the non-exclusive list of Missions in Section 1, its inclusion was merely implied. This Amendment explicitly adds the name of the Insight mission to that list to allow the inclusion of Insight Mission data in proposals to MDAP. To allow more time for proposers who were unaware that Insight data was eligible, the MDAP due dates have been delayed as follows: Step-1 proposals are now due by September 20, 2019 and Step-2 proposals by November 20, 2019.

The points of contact concerning this program are Mitch Schulte, who may be reached at, and Adrian Brown, who may be reached at