Nov 25, 2019

Amendment 53: Final Text and Due Dates for Interdisciplinary Consortia for Astrobiology Research

This amendment releases final text and due dates for program element C.23 Interdisciplinary Consortia for Astrobiology Research.

Proposals for Interdisciplinary Consortia for Astrobiology Research (ICAR) must describe an interdisciplinary approach to a single compelling question in astrobiology, and address at least one aspect of the 2015 Science Strategy. Team size and resources requested should be appropriate to the scale of the proposed research. There is no ideal size of an ICAR Team. Because this is an opportunity for larger teams and for five years of support, the scope of the research, and subsequently the resources needed, should exceed those typically considered in a Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) program element (e.g., Exobiology, Habitable Worlds).

Mandatory 5-page Step-1 Proposals are due January 31, 2020 and full Step-2 proposals are due April 3, 2020.

Questions concerning this program element may be directed to Mary Voytek who may be reached at