Jan 6, 2020

Amendment 59: Sustainable Land Imaging-Technology Solicited

This amendment announces that Sustainable Land Imaging-Technology, which was previously listed as "Not Solicited This Year", has been released in ROSES-2019 in program element A.52.

The goals of the Sustainable Land Imaging-Technology program are to research, develop, and demonstrate new measurement technologies that improve upon the Nation’s current land imaging capabilities while at the same time reduce the overall program cost for future SLI measurements. The SLI-T program seeks to:

  • Reduce the risk, cost, size, volume, mass, and development time for the next generation SLI instruments, while still meeting or exceeding the current land imaging program capabilities;
  • Improve the temporal, spatial, and spectral resolution of SLI measurements; and
  • Enable new SLI measurements that can improve the program’s operational efficiency and reduce the overall costs of the Nation’s land imaging capabilities.

This program element requests proposals for technology development activities aimed specifically at: (1) demonstrating improved, innovative, full-instrument concepts for potential infusion into the architecture and design of missions beyond Landsat-10; and (2) development and technical maturation at the component and/or breadboard-level of technologies that have long-term potential to significantly improve future land imaging instruments and systems through substantial architecture changes.

Notices of Intent to propose are requested by February 5, 2020, and proposals are due April 7, 2020.

The point of contact concerning this program is Sachidananda Babu, who may be reached at