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ROSES-2021 C.30 OSIRIS-REx Sample Analysis Participating Scientist Program Eligibility Clarification

The objective of ROSES-2021 program element C.30 the OSIRIS-REx Sample Analysis Participating Scientist Program (ORSA-PSP) is to enhance the scientific return during the sample analysis operational phase of the OSIRIS-REx mission by expanding participation in the mission through new investigations that broaden and/or complement existing investigations. Work solicited by this program element is to enhance, augment, or complement planned mission activities during the sample-analysis phase of the mission.

Since the purpose of this program is expanding participation, the eligibility section of this call puts limits on who may be the PI or Science PI to proposals to this program element. In response to questions about eligibility, we have clarified Section 1.1 to better delineate the eligibility requirements to serve as PI or Science PI. Questions concerning C.30 ORSA-PSP may be directed to Jeffrey N. Grossman at HQ-OREXPSP@mail.nasa.gov. The due dates are unchanged: Step-1 proposals are due February 28, 2022, and Step-2 proposals are due April 26, 2022.



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Sep 11, 2023
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