Apr 28, 2023

Amendment 21: Draft E.8 Physical Sciences Informatics Opportunity

When it is released in its final form, E.8 Physical Sciences Informatics (PSI) will solicit proposals that use data (listed in Table A of this program element) from the Physical Sciences Informatics (PSI) system ( an online database of: completed physical science reduced-gravity flight experiments conducted on the International Space Station (ISS), Space Shuttle flights, X-37B, Free Flyers, or commercial cargo flights to and from the ISS, and completed physical science ground-based experiments.

ROSES-2023 Amendment 21 releases a draft of program element E.8 PSI to be released in its final form in in September 2023. Comments or questions regarding this draft may be sent to the point of contact below by August 15, 2023. It is expected that the final text, which will include updates to Table A, will be released mid September, 2023. It is expected that optional notices of intent to propose will be requested by October 31, 2023, and the due date for proposals will be January 10, 2024.

On or about April 28 2023, this Amendment to the NASA Research Announcement "Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) 2023" (NNH23ZDA001N) will be posted on the NASA research opportunity homepage at

Questions concerning E.8 PSI may be directed to Bradley Carpenter at and