Antarctic wonders

Antarctic Wonders
January 7, 2014
CreditPhoto courtesy of Michael Studinger, Operation IceBridge project scientist. Caption adapted from content by Adam Voiland, NASA Earth Observatory. Source: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
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This beautiful aerial photograph shows a multi-layered lenticular cloud hovering near Mount Discovery in Antarctica, a volcano about 70 kilometers (44 miles) southwest of McMurdo. The shot was taken by scientist Michael Studinger on November 24, 2013 as he was flying over the area as part of NASA’s Operation IceBridge campaign. IceBridge was an airplane-based mission that flew over Antarctica and the Arctic, monitoring conditions there until a year after NASA’s new ice-observing satellite, ICESat-2, launched in 2018. (ICESat-1 was decommissioned in 2009.)