Cassini Orbital Tour

Cassini Orbital Tour
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This graphic depicts one possible orbital tour for the Cassini mission. The
final four-year tour has yet to be finalized and could look different from
this one. The view is from Saturn's north pole and the direction to the Sun
is towards the top of the figure. The orbits of two satellites are shown;
Titan and Iapetus orbit at distances of ~20 and ~60 Saturn radii, respectively.
This sample tour contains 69 orbits about Saturn, approximately 40 Titan
flybys, and close flybys of many of Saturn's other satellites.

Selected spacecraft orbits from different phases of the tour are shown in
different colors. The initial orbits (red) are shown in detail on a
previous slide (#11). Following sequences establish Saturn/ring occultations
of the spacecraft as seen from Earth and Sun (yellow), rotate the orbit with
respect to the Sun direction (green, blue and purple), and incline the
spacecraft orbit plane significantly with respect to the Saturn equator
(blue, to 60 ° maximum inclination, and gray, to 70 ° maximum inclination).