Heliophysics Big Year Assets

In hues of orange and yellow, a half circle sits atop the words Heliophysics Big Year. At the bottom of the half circle, is another half circle, representing the Sun. Coming off of the Sun, 9 spikes of varying sizes lead out and beyond the outer half circle. A few planets over lap with the spikes.
December 9, 2022
  • english

We are challenging the public to participate in as many Sun science activities as possible from October 2023 to December 2024, leading up to and around solar maximum. Learn more about the Heliophysics Big Year.

We are inviting the scientific community, NASA partners, education and academic institutions, and all those interested in sharing the science, art, and beauty of heliophysics to participate in the Heliophysics Big Year. We have created this identifier (available as a download) as a way to tie together the collective efforts of the entire heliophysics community into one cohesive brand. Anyone supporting the Heliophysics Big Year effort may use these resources in accordance with the style guide, available as a download.