How to Make a Box Pinhole Projector Video (Multilingual)

Except during the brief phase of totality during a total solar eclipse, you should never look directly at the Sun without proper eye protection specially designed for solar viewing. Do not use standard binoculars or telescopes to watch a solar eclipse without safe solar filters attached to the front of the device. Regular sunglasses are NOT safe for attempting to look directly at the Sun.
March 27, 2024
CreditNASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
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Want to view a solar eclipse but don’t have eclipse glasses? No problem! An easy way to safely view a solar eclipse is with a box pinhole projector. With a few simple supplies, you can create a safe and fun way to experience the magic of an eclipse from anywhere. Watch this how-to video to see just how easy it is!

To see versions of this video with captions in Arabic, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), and Korean, visit NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio or toggle the captions using the settings icon on the video above.