Slices of the Sun

The Sun visualized in multiple pie slice wavelengths.
December 24, 2013
CreditNASA/GSFC Scientific Visualization Studio
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This composite image of the Sun reveals the entire solar atmosphere in multiple wavelengths.

This is an awesome image of the Sun through SDO’s many filters. It is one of my favorites. - Peg Luce, NASA Heliophysics Division Director (Acting)

Each color represents a different wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light present in the Sun's corona. The wavelengths in turn correlate to material of different temperatures, resulting sometimes in completely different views of the same sun.

Scientists examine the combined images to reveal the solar atmosphere in all its detail.

Label pie slices of solar view wavelengths.
A graphical key to the wavelengths of each part of the image. Note that this key maps the dominant color table to the wavelength, not the position in the graphic.