Solstice Season With Saturn

Your Friend Saturn
December 21, 2005
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This evening when you are out visiting friends and family, look up. Saturn will be there to remind you of some of the winter season and holiday celebration beginnings.

One can only imagine the seasonal celebrations that occurred on Earth during a pre-historic winter solstice. What is historically known is that Ancient Roman culture maintained many festivals and traditions. One such festival honoring the god of agriculture, Saturn, was among the most popular holidays. It was called Saturnalia, and it originated as a one-day event. However, as Saturnalia became more popular, the celebration stretched into a week-long, then month-long time of feasting, gift giving, and role reversal. During the festivities, businesses and schools closed so everyone could take part in the fun.

In present day many festivals, observances, events, and activities are also loosely tied to the winter solstice event. So whatever you celebrate this season, please have an enjoyable holiday with friends and family, and remember to keep looking up to the heavens.