The Faces of ‘Wave at Saturn’

Photomosaic of the Saturn system
November 12, 2013
PIA NumberPIA17679
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This collage includes about 1,600 images submitted by members of the public as part of the NASA Cassini mission's "Wave at Saturn" campaign. On July 19, 2013, Cassini maneuvered into a special location to take a picture of the Saturn system backlit by the sun. Blocking out the sun's rays also enabled Cassini to take a picture of Earth, which would normally require looking almost directly at the sun and risking damage to the cameras' sensitive detectors. The "Wave at Saturn" event was the first to tell earthlings in advance that their picture was being taken from interplanetary distances.

This collage uses as a base image the backlit mosaic that was obtained on that same day, July 19, 2013, by the imaging cameras. That version is available at The Day the Earth Smiled.

Another version of this picture, using Earth as the base image, is available at:


Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI