Venus Poster – Version B

Radar-generated Surface view of Venus.
August 21, 2018
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Version B of the Venus installment of our solar system poster series.

The posters are best printed on 11x17 paper. Several download options are available in the column on the right.

Venus Poster Back
Optional back with a brief summary and orbit diagram.

About the image: A computer-generated, three-dimensional perspective view of Sapas Mons on the surface of Venus, based on radar data from NASA's Magellan mission. Credit: NASA/JPL

On the Back

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and our closest planetary neighbor.

Similar in structure and size to Earth, Venus spins slowly in the opposite direction from most planets. Its thick atmosphere traps heat in a runaway greenhouse effect, making it the hottest planet in our solar system with surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead. Glimpses below the clouds reveal volcanoes and deformed mountains.

Venus is named for the ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty, who was known as Aphrodite to the Ancient Greeks.

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