ASTRO CAMP Community Partners

Jan 13, 2020

Team Mission

NASA’s ASTRO CAMP® Community Partners Program collaborates to empower universities, schools, museums, libraries, and youth service organizations to provide NASA unique STEM engagement activities and experiences to youth, families and educators in their own communities. The ASTRO CAMP Community Partners Program strives to provide trained community facilitators for all students to have access to authentic NASA Science experiences, ASTRO CAMP methodology and current activities aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, engineering challenges, and NASA resources highly focused to reach into under-served and under-represented communities. NASA’s ASTRO CAMP brings real-world opportunities for every student to join and contribute to NASA’s Science Missions, enhancing understandings through powerful science career connections, inspiring life-long learners for NASA’s future science teams continuing on the journey to explore our universe.

What does your team hope to achieve?

NASA’s ASTRO CAMP Community Partners Program is goal focused to collaborate with all community partners to:

  • Inspire youth, families, and educators to explore the realms of Space and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM, increasing and sustaining youth and public engagement through authentic NASA STEM experiences.
  • Present nationally aligned math and science principles - based on NASA missions current and past - through fun, hands-on activities, teaching teams of youth to work together to complete analog missions using models of evidence-based approaches with NASA resources.
  • Integrate NASA unique resources and expertise through exposure with prepared educational materials, presentations and connections to NASA scientists, astronauts, and engineers with immersion into the most current NASA missions focusing on Human Explorations in Space targeting the return to the Moon and on to Mars, and fostering the dreams to explore farther for the next generations.
  • Spark all students’ interest in learning the unique basics of NASA Earth and space science, technology applications, engineering, rocketry, robotics, and computer science, focusing program outreach to historically under-served and under-represented groups, thus tracking the increase and quality of STEM learning opportunities with exposure to NASA STEM career possibilities for their future while having fun.

About Us

NASA ASTRO CAMP® Community Partners Program is an opportunity for all Youth Service Organizations to bring current NASA STEM Engagement and Science Mission activities to 2nd-12th graders in their own communities, establishing a close collaboration with NASA ASTRO CAMP education specialists. ASTRO CAMP professional development for educators, leaders, and facilitators uses the uniquely developed ASTRO CAMP Program/Facilitator’s Guide for support making NASA lesson plans accessible to all while relying on proven NASA STEM ASTRO CAMP methodology implementation practices vetted by NASA ASTRO CAMP successful implementations for over 28 years.  

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I feel that my daughter has learned so much about STEM and robotics since it was in this hands-on fun fashion. This was her favorite camp and she wants to do more science in school now. - Torobotic

My son said, "Camp was amazing today, Solar Ovens, S'mores, real STEM science!" and he wants to do this next summer. He enjoyed every moment! - Children's Museum of St. Tammany

I cound not be more thrilled to see how excited both of my children were to attend camp each day! Great projects, awesome facility, Thank you! - Infinity Science Center

Thanks so much for making a great learning experience so much fun! We loved this camp. We hope they have a NASA camp next year." - Central Creativity