Mar 29, 2023

Join Us for an “Introduction to Do NASA Science, LIVE!” a Virtual, Interactive Event Series

A robot leans in from the bottom right corner of the image, with a red bird sitting on its hand. In the background, a satellite makes observations of a blue and green Earth as stars sparkle in the dark blue space background. The text in the image reads: Do NASA Science LIVE” next to the NASA Partner logo. Underneath the image, the text says, “Virtual Event Series from SciStarter”.

Join us online on April 4, 2023, from 2-3 p.m. EDT for an “Introduction to Do NASA Science LIVE!”. During this event, citizen science experts from NASA and SciStarter will describe how and why NASA works with the public to accelerate important research. 

This event kicks off a series of free events from now through April 2024 where you’ll meet online with scientists and other volunteers to learn about and participate in NASA-funded research projects. This “Introduction to Do NASA Science LIVE!” event is  your chance to provide input on what topics and activities you’d like to experience throughout  this series.

“Every time I see scientists and volunteers get together like this, magic seems to happen,” said NASA Astrophysicist and Citizen Science Officer Dr. Marc Kuchner. “I can’t wait to meet everybody at these events.”   

NASA supports a variety of different collaborations between scientists and interested members of the public who use their phones, computers, or tablets to share local observations or analyze NASA data. Volunteers help scientists find new planets, ground-truth satellite data, track changes in weather and climate, and more. Millions of people participate in these NASA-funded science projects. More than 400 volunteers have become co-authors on refereed articles in scientific journals as a result!  

Funded by NASA, “Do NASA Science LIVE!”  is produced by SciStarter, a citizen science hub, and the Citizen Science Association. Events will include week-long campaigns focused on a single project, provide overviews as well as deep dives into projects to train volunteers, feature social hours to chat with project scientists, and more. Everyone is welcome!

Registration for the “Introduction to Do NASA Science LIVE!” is now open:

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