Kuiper Belt Stories


NASA’s New Horizons to Continue Exploring Outer Solar System

3 min read

NASA has announced an updated plan to continue New Horizons’ mission of exploration of the outer solar system.  Beginning in fiscal year 2025, New Horizons will focus on gathering unique heliophysics data, which can be readily obtained during an extended,…


All Eyes on the Ice Giants

4 min read

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft plans to observe Uranus and Neptune from its location far out in the outer solar system this fall, and the mission team is inviting the global amateur astronomy community to come along for the ride –…


New Horizons Team Adds AI Smarts to Its Kuiper Belt Object Search

5 min read

By early 1930, Lowell Observatory junior astronomer Clyde Tombaugh had spent months poring over hundreds of telescopic photo plates in the search for a single moving object – which would turn out to be Pluto, the ninth planet.