Solar System Exploration Stories


NASA Lucy Images Reveal Asteroid Dinkinesh to be Surprisingly Complex

4 min read

Images from the November 2023 flyby of asteroid Dinkinesh by NASA’s Lucy spacecraft show a trough on Dinkinesh where a large piece — about a quarter of the asteroid — suddenly shifted, a ridge, and a separate contact binary satellite…

Article19 hours ago

NASA to Measure Moonquakes With Help From InSight Mars Mission

6 min read

The technology behind the two seismometers that make up NASA’s Farside Seismic Suite was used to detect more than a thousand Red Planet quakes. The most sensitive instrument ever built to measure quakes and meteor strikes on other worlds is…

Article20 hours ago
Two identical scenes are seen in a pair of side-by-side images. Against the pitch-black background of space, a boxy metallic satellite dominates the foreground. Glints of light are bouncing off the shiniest parts of the structure.

NASA’s OSIRIS-APEX Unscathed After Searing Pass of Sun

4 min read

Mission engineers were confident NASA’s OSIRIS-APEX (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification – Apophis Explorer) spacecraft could weather its closest ever pass of the Sun on Jan. 2, 2024. Their models had predicted that, despite traveling 25 million miles closer to…

Article2 days ago

Ongoing Venus Volcanic Activity Discovered With NASA’s Magellan Data

6 min read

An analysis of data from Magellan’s radar finds two volcanoes erupted in the early 1990s. This adds to the 2023 discovery of a different active volcano in Magellan data. Direct geological evidence of recent volcanic activity on Venus has been…

Article3 days ago

NASA’s Psyche Fires Up Its Sci-Fi-Worthy Thrusters

4 min read

The spacecraft already is beyond the distance of Mars and is using ion propulsion to accelerate toward a metal-rich asteroid, where it will orbit and collect science data. NASA’s Psyche spacecraft passed its six-month checkup with a clean bill of…

Article1 week ago
An image of the Sun shows a bright flash in the bottom right side where a solar flare erupts.

How NASA Tracked the Most Intense Solar Storm in Decades

5 min read

May 2024 has already proven to be a particularly stormy month for our Sun. During the first full week of May, a barrage of large solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) launched clouds of charged particles and magnetic fields…

Article2 weeks ago

NASA’s Juno Provides High-Definition Views of Europa’s Icy Shell

5 min read

Imagery from the solar-powered spacecraft shows some intriguing features on the ice-encased Jovian moon. Images from the JunoCam visible-light camera aboard NASA’s Juno spacecraft supports the theory that the icy crust at the north and south poles of Jupiter’s moon…

Article2 weeks ago
A park ranger stands on a snowy vista pointing to a full moon in the background.

The Next Full Moon is the Flower, Corn, or Corn Planting Moon

19 min read

The Next Full Moon is the Flower, Corn, or Corn Planting Moon; the Milk Moon; the Hare’s Moon; and Vesak, Buddha Jayanti, or Buddha Purnima. The next full Moon will be on Thursday morning, May 23, 2024, at 9:53 AM…

Article2 weeks ago
Photo of two pairs of binoculars side by side.

Binoculars: A Great First Telescope

3 min read

Do you want to peer deeper into the night sky? Are you feeling the urge to buy a telescope? There are so many options for budding astronomers that choosing one can be overwhelming. A first telescope should be easy to…

Article2 weeks ago

NASA’s New Mobile Launcher Stacks Up for Future Artemis Missions 

3 min read

The foundation is set at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida for launching crewed missions aboard the agency’s larger and more powerful SLS (Space Launch System) Block 1B rocket in support of Artemis IV and future missions. On May 9,…

Article3 weeks ago