Yashraj Patil- Mentoring a Superstar!


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As part of the NASA Earth Science Education Collaborative (NESEC), Dorian Janney and Brian Campbell recently had the pleasure of mentoring a rising GLOBE Superstar: Yashraj Patil. Yashraj is an engineer from India who reached out to Dorian at the annual GLOBE Meeting this past summer. After hearing about the amazing Himalayan Expedition that he was about to embark upon (https://arcg.is/1SHbzu), Dorian and Brian met with him and gave him guidance for which GLOBE protocols he might use to collect data while he was gathering other data for this opportunity. After the trip, he worked closely with Dorian and Brian to find effective ways to communicate the results of his amazing adventures with others. He has continued to show incredible initiative and was invited to present to several different audiences, most recently to his IT company, Hexaware Technologies. (Science Acttivation Award No. NNX16AE28A)

"This is absolutely amazing! Everything you have accomplished, in a short amount of time, is so inspiring and exciting. You serve as a model GLOBE GISN member to others and are an inspiration to the many GLOBE students around the world."
Brian Campbell

Yashraj giving his presentation virtually to colleagues at Hexaware Technologies

"I'm extremely grateful to both of you for your exceptional support and mentoring, which has helped me tremendously in every possible domain and at such a young age, it has given me a priceless opportunity to guide and motivate students in the context of research methods and expedition tricks through webinars, represent in UN Space Conferences, conduct Leadership Sessions in my organization, and motivate them to pursue their passion!"
Yashraj Patil in an email to Dorian Janney and Brian Campbell