Browser Compatibility

We have put quite a bit of effort into our web site to make our information accessible to our readers. We do have some features on our sites that require browsers that support java, javascript and other plugins (we also use shockwave, real audio/video, quicktime and mpeg). As always, if you have trouble accessing our site, please tell us!

We list links to some browsers and plug-ins below. Be sure to read all license agreements before downloading any commercial software. Free versions of these products are currently available from these vendors, unless otherwise noted.

*Disclaimer: NASA makes no endorsement and offers no evaluation of any vendor's products, whether listed here or not.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer for PC computers: supports Java, ActiveX, javascript, DHTML and many plugins. Free. 
Internet Explorer Logo
Firefox by Mozilla for PCs, Macintosh, and Unix computers. Supports Java, javascript, DHTML and many plugins. Free.
Opera has a multi-platform browser, with features for web surfers with disabilities, such as keyboard navigation. Free.
Opera Browser Logo
Macintosh & Windows Shockwave Flash Animator Player. Free
Shockwave Logo
RealPlayer from RealNetworks. Used for displaying highly compressed, streaming video and audio. Can play both static and streaming MP3 files. Free.
Real Player Logo
QuickTime Player from Apple. Used for displaying QT format movies, animation, music, static MP3 sounds, more. QuickTime 5 and later plays streaming MP3 (like required for Earth Sounds). For Windows or Macintosh. Free.
Quicktime Logo
Windows Media Player from Microsoft. Another streaming audio and video player. For Windows, Macintosh and Solaris platforms. Plays static and streaming MP3 files, among many others. Free.
Windows Media Player Logo
WinAmp streams all kinds of MP3 content, accepts many plugins. For Windows. Free.
Winamp Logo