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DALI Grantees

NASA Awards Grants for Lunar Instrumentation

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NASA has awarded five scientists and engineers Development and Advancement of Lunar Instrumentation (DALI) grants to support the development of instruments for potential…

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In this illustration, a small portion of the Sun appears in yellow at the bottom with a dark sunspot in the center. Above the sunspot, against a black background, appear several vertical, curved streaks of light that are light pink at the bottom, closest to the sunspot and darken to dark pink in the middle then purple at the top. The streaks also appear thinner at the top than at the bottom.

NASA-Supported Team Discovers Aurora-Like Radio Bursts Above Sunspot

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A NASA-funded team of scientists has discovered long-lasting radio signals emanating from the Sun that are similar to those associated…

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This stylized illustration, created for the 2024 total solar eclipse, shows Earth’s Moon blocking the Sun from view and revealing the Sun’s corona, or outermost atmosphere. The Sun’s magnetic field affects charged particles in the corona, causing elaborate streamers and plumes that are depicted in this artist’s interpretation.

Total Solar Eclipse 2024: The Moon’s Moment in the Sun

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To know exactly where and when the solar eclipse will cast its shadow, we study our nearest neighbor in space.

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NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement Mission: 10 years, 10 stories

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From peering into hurricanes to tracking El Niño-related floods and droughts to aiding in disaster responses, the Global Precipitation Measurement…

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions https://nasa.gov/visibility-scic/ NASA Identity Provisioning Process PIV EnrollmentPIV enrollment is the process that prompts the creation of a…


Sign Up Form

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Sign Up Form https://nasa.gov/visibility-scic/ Before having webform, please send the required information to gsfcMetaHelp@mail.nasa.gov to apply your NASA identity #…