Climate Interactives

Explore our changing planet through NASA's eyes. Visualize satellite data, see changes over time on land, glaciers, and in the ocean, and discover evidence for Earth's past climates. Then, test your knowledge with one of our quizzes.

In spring and summer, conditions are often just right for populations of the plant-like organisms explode into enormous blooms.
Before and after satellite images of Great Salt Lake, Utah

Images of Change

Before-and-after images of Earth.

Climate Time Machine

Go backward and forward in time with this interactive visualization that illustrates how the Earth's climate has changed in recent history.

Global Ice Viewer

Explore the sentinels of climate change with this interactive global ice viewer.

Evidence for Earth's Past Climate

There are many ways scientists can unravel Earth’s climate history, going back billions of years. Explore the tools used by climate scientists with this interactive timeline.

View the Timeline

Eyes on the Earth

Track Earth's vital signs and fly along with NASA's Earth-observing satellites. See natural hazards from space and view near-real-time science data with this stunning 3D visualization.