Understanding Climate and Wildfires

NASA Earth Science Division has many online tools to help understand and track climate change, as well as to learn more about natural hazards such as wildfires.

Among these resources for climate are:

Screenshot of application displaying a map of the world with the ocean colorized in yellow,

This online dashboard builds off data from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recent report. The tool allows user to visualize and project sea level on global and regional scales from 2020-2150.

Screenshot of fire data across the world map with the ocean represented in yellow, orange and red.

The SEA Tool provides data for assessing sea level change and its causes. The tool provides assessments of past, present, and future change, and to demonstrate the improved science capabilities in observing sea level changes.

Resources for tracking and understanding wildfires include:

Screenshot of the Earth Observatory Fires webpage

The Earth Observatory Fires tool is a collection of current fire imagery and information about NASA's activity related to these natural disasters.

To learn more about climate change, visit NASA’s Climate website. Read more about NASA and wildfires on its Fire and Smoke web page.

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