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Southeastern Ethiopia’s longest river supports the growth of green vegetation amid the otherwise brown, desert landscape.
Communities in the High Atlas Mountains were among the hardest hit after a magnitude 6.8 earthquake caused widespread damage.
Naturally occurring hydrogen was discovered emanating from “fairy circles” in Australia.
The Flaming Gorge Reservoir lies within a national recreation area that straddles the two states.
Dunes formed on the slopes of dark mesas in this photo taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station.
The South American mountain range intercepts moisture, producing a distinct transition from rainforest to desert.
Differences in the amount of sand cover explains the starkly contrasting colors of the Egyptian lake’s west and east banks.
Remote Macquarie Island has been a stopover for Antarctic explorers and breeding populations of penguins and seals.
In Germany’s smallest national park, European beech trees are perched atop precipitous chalk cliffs.
A complex system of dunes displays an array of patterns in the Rub’ al Khali sand sea in southeast Saudi Arabia.
The ecoregion displays an array of natural patterns, from meandering rivers to rectangle-shaped lakes.
The shallow waters of hook-shaped Notsuke Peninsula shelter sea grass and shrimp in eastern Hokkaido.
A national park and a dune field occupy part of this bright-white desert landscape, which also has ties to the aerospace industry.
Dunes, crops, roads, and solar farms flank the river as it winds through China’s Inner Mongolia.