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The Paraguaná Peninsula is rich with sandy beaches and interesting topography.
Scientists analyze billions of image pixels to produce continent-wide maps of land cover, which reveal some intriguing changes over the years.
In an eruption not far from Reykjavik, lava poured from spatter cones along a new fissure on Reykjanes peninsula.
An astronaut captured this wide view from flat and humid coastal wetlands and barrier islands to rocky inland hills and woodlands.
The mountains in the southwestern Sinai Peninsula hold ancient relics of temples and turquoise mining.
The symmetric “Mountain of God</a> in Tanzania is part of the East African Rift system.
While the region has seen less deforestation than other parts of Indonesia, large-scale clearing is still evident.
Astronaut Andrew Morgan used a fisheye lens to capture the intersection of two continents.
<p>Researchers are puzzling over a distinctive striping pattern in the Central Siberian Plateau.</p>
The Namib Desert bears a scar from a meteor impact.
A geologist’s dream, Gros Morne National Park is one of the few places where you can set foot on the Earth's mantle without digging an inch.
There are hundreds of thousands of oval depressions dotting the Atlantic coastal plain—relicts of a cooler, drier, windier time.
A bird-loving farmer living near Florida’s Pelican Island helped spur the creation of a national system of wildlife refuges.