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2023 Annular Solar Eclipse

Join NASA experts on Oct. 14, 2023, for a broadcast of the annular solar eclipse.

Want to see more? Tune in to the streams below for telescope live feeds of the annular solar eclipse across the path, a broadcast in Spanish, and a live stream of sounding rockets launching during the eclipse.

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Let's get ready

A young child holds eclipse glasses up to their eyes

Learn how to safely view the solar eclipse.

A map zoomed in on New Mexico, with Albuquerque written in orange, and a gray band crossing from the top left to bottom right of the state.

Explore NASA's interactive map and learn when to watch.

An annular eclipse, shown as an orange ring against a black background

See what it's like to experience an annular solar eclipse.

A golden circle, surrounded by a gray circle, surrounded by a red circle. This is a coronograph, revealing the Sun's atmosphere.

Read the answers to common questions about this eclipse.

Live Feed of Sounding Rocket Launches

Streamed live on Saturday, Oct. 14, NASA plans to launch three sounding rockets during the annular solar eclipse to study how the sudden drop in sunlight affects our upper atmosphere. Learn more about the APEP mission.

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