Support Team Sun

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    Join the Heliophysics Big Year and take part in monthly themes.

    Celebrate the Sun

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    Help us do NASA science with a heliophysics citizen science project.

    Join a Project

  3. 03

    Play Snap It!, NASA’s eclipse photo game.

    See the Game

Support Team Moon

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    Complete an eclipse-themed Moon Observation Journal.

    Download the Journal

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    Celebrate International Observe the Moon Night!

    Observe the Moon

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    Follow along with NASA’s lunar exploration.

    Explore Artemis

Support Team Earth

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    Participate in an Earth Day event or activity.

    Celebrate Earth Day

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    Get excited for the launch of our newest Earth-observing satellite, NISAR!

    Explore NISAR

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    Explore the latest on how NASA sees our home planet.

    Observe the Planet

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