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2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Join NASA experts on April 8, 2024, for a broadcast of the total solar eclipse.

Want to see more? Tune in to the streams below for telescope live feeds of the total solar eclipse across the path, a broadcast in Spanish, and a live stream of sounding rockets launching during the eclipse.

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Let's get ready

A young child holds eclipse glasses up to their eyes

Learn how to safely view the solar eclipse.

A portion of the path of the total solar eclipse, zoomed in on Indiana and Ohio. A dark gray line goes through the states, with circles labeled 3:10 EDT and 3:15 EDT.

Explore NASA's map and learn when to watch.

Against a black background is a total solar eclipse. In the middle is a black circle – the Moon. Surrounding it are white streams of wispy light, streaming out into the sky.

See what it's like to experience a total solar eclipse.

A golden circle, surrounded by a gray circle, surrounded by a red circle. This is a coronograph, revealing the Sun's atmosphere.

Join NASA in studying this eclipse and its effects.

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A person watching the eclipse with eclipse glasses on.

Tune in to coverage on NASA+.

A woman stands on a rooftop, wearing eclipse classes, staring up at the sky.

Join the watch party on YouTube.

Two NASA employees wearing protective glasses to view a partial solar eclipse are smiling as they stand side-by-side and gaze up at the sky.

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Person looking through telescope

See the eclipse live with NASA on Twitch.